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1 something that is inferred (deduced or entailed or implied); "his resignation had political implications" [syn: deduction, entailment]
2 a meaning that is not expressly stated but can be inferred; "the significance of his remark became clear only later"; "the expectation was spread both by word and by implication" [syn: significance, import]
3 an accusation that brings into intimate and usually incriminating connection
4 a logical relation between propositions p and q of the form `if p then q'; if p is true then q cannot be false [syn: logical implication, conditional relation]
5 a relation implicated by virtue of involvement or close connection (especially an incriminating involvement); "he was suspected of implication in several robberies"

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From implicationem (accusative of implicatio).


  1. The act of implicating.
  2. The state of being implicated.
  3. An implying, or that which is implied, but not expressed; an inference, or something which may fairly be understood, though not expressed in words.
  4. (countable) The connective in propositional calculus that, when joining two predicates A and B in that order, has the meaning "if A is true, then B is true".

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logical connective



From implicationem (accusative of implicatio).


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Implication can refer to:
Also, in linguistics, there are different specialized related notions:
  • Implicit can mean to imply indirectly, that is to not state it directly.

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absorption, accusal, accusation, accusing, affective meaning, allegation, allegement, allegory, allusion, arcane meaning, arraignability, arraignableness, arraignment, assault, association, assumption, attack, bearing, bill of particulars, blame, blameworthiness, bloody hands, bringing of charges, bringing to book, broad hint, burden, censurability, censurableness, censure, charge, chargeability, citation, clue, coloration, coloring, complaint, complicity, conclusion, connection, connotation, consequence, count, criminality, cue, culpability, delation, denotation, denouncement, denunciation, dirty hands, drift, effect, embarrassment, engagement, enmeshment, entailment, entanglement, essence, extension, force, gentle hint, gesture, gist, glimmer, glimmering, grammatical meaning, guilt, guiltiness, guilty conscience, hint, idea, impact, impeachability, impeachableness, impeachment, implied meaning, import, impugnment, imputation, inclusion, incrimination, inculpation, index, indication, indictability, indictableness, indictment, inference, information, inkling, innuendo, insinuation, intension, intimation, involution, involvement, ironic suggestion, kick, lawsuit, laying of charges, lexical meaning, literal meaning, look, meaning, metaphorical sense, nod, nuance, nudge, occult meaning, onus, overtone, peccancy, pertinence, pith, plaint, point, practical consequence, presumption, presupposition, prompt, prosecution, purport, range of meaning, real meaning, red-handedness, reference, referent, relation, relevance, reprehensibility, reproach, reproachableness, reprovability, reprovableness, scent, scope, semantic cluster, semantic field, sense, sign, signal, significance, signification, significatum, signifie, span of meaning, spirit, spoor, structural meaning, subsense, subsidiary sense, substance, subsumption, suggestion, suit, sum, sum and substance, supposition, suspicion, symbolic meaning, symbolism, symptom, taxing, telltale, tenor, tinge, totality of associations, touch, track, transferred meaning, true bill, unadorned meaning, undercurrent, undermeaning, undertone, unspoken accusation, value, veiled accusation, whisper, wink
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